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Josh Rolnick posted a great article on “The Millions” advising new writers on how to send out their stories. He writes with humility (hard not to when the rejections pile up) and practicality. Most interesting were these statistics: He sent out 225 submissions, received 219 rejections, but he received some kind of note of encouragement from 1/3. This inspires me to start licking those stamps!  The Millions : Ten Things I’ve Learned over 12 Years of Sending Out Stories

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Any of you part of a writer’s group? We’re looking for submissions featuring your best work. Here’s the official request:

Fresh Pond Press is accepting submissions for an anthology of work from writing groups across the country. Non-fiction or fiction, up to 5,000 words, previously unpublished (unless with rights to republish). Authors must currently belong to a writing group or salon. Please supply a brief description of the group, including location, number of members, and years in operation. Selected pieces will receive $100.
Please send submissions to submissions@freshpondpress.com no later than December 31, 2010.

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